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VPX, 1553, QSeven, ETX, COM Express, SSD

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COM Module, AFDX, A-STACK, QSeven
Maximus technologies SSD Solid State Drive solutions for military storage.
Military grade compact flash, 2.5in SSD , secure erase facility

Maximus specialise in industrial and military grade Solid State drives
for ultimate reliability, now with 7 (SEVEN) year hardware warranties.

Military grade mSATA, erase options, harsh conditions,  MLC and SLC options, long warranty periods.
mSATA full and half slim SSD solutions.harsh conditions, .long warranties

Power Fail Protection

Overload Protection

Military grade Compact Flash

Military grade mSATA, 70mm and 35mm options with Sanitize.

SEVEN year Warranty...

1.8in Micro SATA SSD drives, harsh environments, long warranties.
1.8in Micro SATA SSD drives, harsh environments, long warranties.

Military grade SSD, 18in SATA and Micro SATA

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